MLM Training and Support

As a director in a multi-level marketing company, or MLM, you need to be able to identify the proper additions to your network of consultants, train them to be their best and support them in their work. Since some of your downline may have never been in sales or run their own business before, you are the one that provides them with everything they need to be effective in their business. Your success is tied to their success, both financially and personally.

As a director, you provide the entry and the example for new consultants, giving them a knowledge and understanding of your company, its image and its way of doing business. How you interact with them affects their overall impression of the company, which translates into how enthusiastic they are when discussing the company and its products with potential customers and consultants. This is what it means to be upline- what you do and how you do it trickles downward. If you do not do a good job, then neither will the consultants under you and so on. Consider this carefully before you bring any consultants into your downline.

Put a solid collection of information and business strategy tools together for your consultants- don’t just turn them loose, blind and helpless, and expect them to be successful. Your company may supply some training material, but don’t rely on their offerings alone since they are going to be general or product oriented. You need to supplement their material with techniques and strategies best suited for your local market and target clientele. Include information that will help them to run a business, like info on time management, budgeting, organization and prioritizing. Make sure that the information you provide is practical and user-friendly, explaining the “hows and whys” behind the strategies.

Give your consultants follow through and support by helping them to implement the new tools. Quality tools don’t matter if you don’t use them. Keep in mind that beginning a new business is intimidating and stressful, especially if you are trying to master a new set of skills while trying to put food on the table. Providing feedback, holding your consultants accountable for results and being supportive and positive will continue the process of turning these tools into the habits that promote success.

Stay in touch and be available to your consultants. If they can’t reach you when they need you, everything else you do is irrelevant. Keeping them informed and connected keeps them enthusiastic and focused, while showing that you care about them and their efforts. Even if you only give them a quick daily message, your continued presence is important. A service like GenieVOX by AllCom can make this as easy as sending a bulk email while remaining as personal as a phone call. With GenieVOX, you can send an unlimited number of free voice message of up to 3 minutes long to anyone- perfect for a “touch” or inspirational message to your consultants and customers. You also get a toll free number that is tied to your cell phone and/or home phone that will send any messages through to your phone, text, and email- never be out of touch again. Best of all, this service is available for a low monthly fee and without a contract- cancel at any time.