Maintain Your Privacy - AllCom’s Caller ID Privacy Options

AllCom’s Caller ID Privacy Options

Maintain your privacy:

Use your Genie to make and return calls from any
phone with complete privacy by selecting the caller
ID you wish to display.

With instant access to information, everyday we lose more of our privacy whether we like it or not. At AllCom, protecting your privacy is at the core of our business.  

Your caller ID is more important than you know!
Did you know that when you call a toll-free or cell phone number your caller ID is automatically captured even if you have it “blocked”?

Did you know that with your caller ID, anyone can easily find out where you live, where you work and other personal information about you? 

Did you know that your caller ID is regularly used and sold to telemarketing companies, sales organizations, collection agencies and even charities and political organizations which harass you even if you have asked them not to? Do Not Call” and “Do Not Send” lists are ignored and do not work.

At AllCom, we think that you should be able to expect privacy and security and provide your caller ID ONLY when you wish to. 

The Solution: Your Free Genie ‘Caller ID Manager’

Give out your Genie Number instead of your cell or home number. Maintain your privacy by using your Genie Number and selecting which caller ID is displayed.

Use Genie to place your calls. Save money and keep your privacy by placing your calls through your Genie whenever you do not wish to display your Caller ID.

Return your calls through Genie with the single push of a button. You can return your calls from any phone, cell or land line, and choose what is displayed as your caller ID.

How much does it cost? Your Caller ID Manager is completely free and already included in your service

How do I manage my caller ID?
1.    Log in to your Genie account online at  
2.    Select Settings (on the black menu bar).
3.    Click on Caller ID (on the blue panel on the left).
4.    Choose your settings for Placing a Call.
5.    You can select from four options

  • System Number: a generic AllCom caller ID number is displayed. This provides maximum privacy.
  • Caller’s Number:  your caller ID is displayed
  • Genie Number: your Genie Number is displayed
  • Custom Number: your Custom Number is displayed; for example your office or company’s main number.
The Caller ID Manager is available immediately, free of charge, to all Genie Subscribers. Let Genie help put you back in charge of your privacy! 

We hope you will enjoy this addition to your new generation of Genie Services.

Best regards,

Randall Skala,
Vice President