Billing Updates

For your security and privacy, AllCom requests that you update your billing credit card online, using our secure servers.

Important Notice: New security measures require all devices used to log in to your account must be registered by entering a code the first time you access from it. If you have a cell phone and carrier listed on the system the code will be sent to it as a text. If not, the code will be sent to the primary email address listed on your Genie account.
Universal Office, VoiceFaxEmail, and CellPlusPlus subscribers:

2. In the upper right hand corner enter your CellPlusPlus, VoiceFaxEmail, or Universal Office "Genie" Number.  If you have a Family Plan or Extensions, you must log in to the main billing box.
Please note,  do not use spaces or punctuation when entering your Genie number, for example 8001234567
3. Enter your Internet password or numeric passcode. 
If you have forgotten your passcode, please contact us via Genie Gateway text message with your Genie number and passcode request
4. Click the + plus symbol 
5. Click Financial or Settings, whichever applies to your account
6. Click Change Credit Cards 
7. Enter and update your card information and click SAVE

Genie CashBox and GenieChecking Subscribers:

Use the above instructions except log in from