PayComm Member-to-Member Payment System

PayComm is introducing AllCom’s Member-to-Member Online Payment System 


PayComm will be introducing AllCom’s Genie Services to its merchants and their customers as their new Member-to-Member Online Payment System. Genie Services is today’s best secure and private payments and communications platform.

With PayComm’s Genie Services, Members can make and receive calls and cash payments, without ever revealing their personal telephone numbers or credit card information. Genie Services are all about privacy and convenience.

For ONLY $4.95 a month, members will be provided with their own, personal toll free number, good anywhere in the US and Canada, their own virtual assistant, and their own Virtual CashBox, to make and receive payments by phone or online. And you can try us out for sixty days for only $1.00!

If you are over the age of 18, and have a valid credit card, you automatically qualify.

• No credit check
• No employment verification
• And NO games

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