Genie CashBox Purchases are Even Easier

Buyers NO longer need to provide their credit card or bank information to sellers to complete their purchase.

Repeat customers will ONLY need their cell number, password, and the payment amount, to  make a payment the next time they shop online or by phone. The new “Pay” button, now available to all Genie CashBox Merchants, to learn more visit .

We’ve embedded the automatic creation of a CashBox into the payment process so that buyers can now complete a purchase and automatically create a CashBox, FREE of charge, simultaneously, in the same transaction.

The CashBox, AllCom’s alternative merchant processing system, is today’s best secure and private, payments and communications service. CashBox Subscribers can make and receive calls and cash payments, without ever revealing their personal telephone numbers or credit card information. We’re all about privacy and convenience.

AllCom is searching for ISO’s and Resellers in need of a creative solution to deliver both online and phone processing for merchants. To learn more click on our link and listen to the three minute audio presentation.