Genie Gateway–The “One-Click Way” to Build Your Business and Your Brand

With one click, you can communicate with your customers and prospects—via email, texting, voice or video. This should make most business owners ask, “How do I get started?”

Genie Gateway is a one-stop business solution that gives you everything on a single platform for an incredible low monthly fee of $9.95. However, it isn’t about the minimal cost, but the convenience, privacy, security and ease of use–and, we should not overlook the many ways this marketing tool can help you grow your business.

The privacy and security utilized with your customer’s and prospect’s information is essential, and provides a huge benefit with your multi-media outreach. Everyone you want to contact has to “opt-in”, giving you permission to send them updates about your offers, goods, and services. These updates are free to both you and the recipient. When your customers opt-in, their information is automatically added to your Genie phone books for future use—and this information is not shared, and no spam is allowed.

Thomas E. Skala, AllCom CEO says, “One of the most important benefits of the Genie Gateway is that our subscribers get all of the benefits of online multimedia web presence, even if they do not have their own website.” And best of all, their Genie Gateway is search engine optimized (SEO) so their customers, friends and business associates will be able to find them online by using Google, Yahoo, Bing and most other search engines. And all this is at no extra charge.

Genie Gateway puts this powerful tool at your fingertips so all you have to do is craft sound marketing or information-based messages to your customers and online visitors. What do you want them to know? What do you want them to do? Done right, this can be an effortless way to convert your visitors into potential customers in second. And Genie Gateway can help you reach them when you want.

Most people who get results from their marketing don’t necessarily want to know all the nuts and bolts about what makes it happen. The “how” doesn’t concern them as much as “how many”—as in new customers or followers of their brand and message.

Let’s say you run a pizza place. Business is fine, but Monday is your slowest day. Genie Gateway can help you reach out to regular and new customers with an “act-now” text message. You might offer a special Monday pizza, or a free soda or tasty cookie. Then get ready for increased traffic—because this exciting form of outreach creates a sense of urgency that brings about action.

How this message goes out is also your choice: email, text, live voice invitation, or even a video of you making the “Monday special.” Or attach a Word doc or PDF with your new product, brochure, or special sales announcement—whatever is important. With a little imagination, every business or individual can figure out offers, announcements or some exciting news. An additional unique feature is Genie Gateway’s automatic conversion of various types of attached documents into a PDF document, which anyone can open.

Most business owners will like Genie because it is easy to use, and yields excellent results. That’s a real bottom-line statement, but in today’s reality, the most important one.

The pizza place idea is just one way to use Genie Gateway. Connecting with their members, fans, readers, etc. can give advantages to churches, sports teams/athletes, entertainers, authors, multilevel marketing programs, and so much more. The list is endless.

A “genie” that makes things happen—and true to its name, Genie Gateway includes your own virtual assistant, with 12 other valuable features.

Connecting with people who WANT to hear from you.

With each message, you can contact one or thousands of people—and with a click of the “send” button, you are linked to people anywhere in the world. Did I mention that is at NO extra charge?

Genie Gateway is simply the newest, easiest way to communicate—informing, educating, selling, promoting, keeping in touch—or creating a call to action.

One click, one button, one platform—one idea: Helping you spread your message and to grow your business.

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About the Author -
Connie Anderson is a writer and editor for businesses, and editor of book manuscripts for businesses, memoirs, self-help, how to, and other genres.