Genie Gateway Payment Processing

The following information will help you understand the three features you can use to complete sales on your Genie Gateway. The three features are:
  1. Virtual Point of Sale (VPOS).
  2. Genie Online Store and Shopping Cart.
  3. The Genie API if you already have a shopping cart.
Virtual Point of Sale (VPOS)
The Virtual Point of Sale is included in your Genie Gateway at NO additional cost, and enables your customers to visit your Genie Gateway online, or in your store, and send you a payment in real-time. Your Genie Gateway VPOS feature is already fully activated.

Your customers simply click on the “$ Pay” button. If they are a returning customer, all they need to do is select “Existing Account” and enter either their Genie Number or cell phone number, their passcode and approve the payment.
The moment the payment is processed, you will get a text message to let you know that your CashBox was credited with that payment. You will also get an email describing what was purchased, including the shipping address, in case the purchase was completed online.
Your customer will get a text message to let them know that their payment was sent to you, and an email describing what they purchased.

New customers will also click on the same “$ Pay” button but select “New Account”, then click on the “Genie CashBox Lite” button to activate their account FREE of charge. New customers will have to enter their name, shipping address, email address, cell phone number, and their credit card information to pay for their first purchase.
On their next purchase they will be treated as a returning customer, and will only need their Genie Number or cell phone number and password to pay.

Genie Online $tore and $hopping Cart

The "Genie Online $tore and $hopping Cart" provides Genie Gateway merchants their own customizable online store on the same platform they currently use to display videos, online documents, send and receive text messages, announcements, emails, faxes and their Virtual Office. Subscribers can create their own online store, anytime, in 15 minutes. This powerful feature is included for all members at NO additional cost.
Genie Online $tore and $hopping Cart
  1. Use it to sell hundreds of items.
  2. Provides for different amounts for each item based upon user-defined categories.
  3. Automatically calculates amounts at Checkout.
  4. Integrates seamlessly with the Genie CashBox payment system.
  5. Ready same day signup.

To create your own online store and shopping cart, log in on your Genie Gateway account and follow the following instructions:
  1. Click on the “Select” button to access your Genie Gateway.
  2. Scroll down and click on the “My Online $tore” button.
  3. Scroll down and click on the “Shopping Cart” button.
  4. Click on the “Add” button to add or delete items on your shopping cart.
You can add images, pricing, and a description of each item on your shopping cart. You can add or delete shopping cart items cart anytime and the changes you make will be made in real-time.
Please see below:

The Genie API if you already have a shopping cart
The Genie CashBox API was developed by AllCom, to provide those merchants, who already have a website with an online store, the ability to integrate their existing online store and shopping cart with the Genie CashBox check out services.
Once the API is integrated with a merchant’s shopping cart, their customers can visit their website and encounter the same experience as before the integration, but with the ability to check out using Genie CashBox.
*** Returning customers will only need to enter their passcode and approve the purchase.

The Genie API provides the following features:
  1. Use with your own shopping cart.
  2. Provides amount and unique reference number.
  3. Return URL callback with results.
  4. May provide all customer information and auto fill signup forms.
  5. Returning customers can check out with only their pass code, if the cellphone or email was previously provided.
  6. Check status of orders using reference number.
*** Please note: To integrate an existing shopping cart with the Genie API software routine, most Merchants will need professional assistance from their Website developer or the programmer managing their shopping cart.

Genie API Integration Requirements:

  1. Administration access to server hosting shopping cart.
  2. Programming required for dynamic variables.
  3. The "Check Out" button of the shopping cart calls the API with the values of the check out.
  4. HTML editing required for static variables.
  5. A list of specific items can be created with static variables in HTML.
  6. This avoids programming, but does require the ability to create HTML pages.
Signup fields (first name, last name, etc) have been added to the API. The signup fields will use the values provided. The only choices that have to be made are Cellular Provider and Agree to Terms.

Updated API link with signup variables where action=pay
Link that goes directly to signup page where action=signup

Programmers and website developers needing additional help with API Integration are invited to email: .