Privacy - No Worry with the Genie Messenger

Privacy is a big tradeoff for being a successful player in the interconnected media we now depend on.  Facebook, Twitter, our own Blogs, and texting are just some of the ways our privacy is made vulnerable and  we don't worry about it until it's too late. It's a serious problem and a huge challenge to solve once your e-mail inbox gets clogged with spam, your Twitter account gets tons of phony “followers”, and unknown entities are texting you to no end.
Making new business connections and staying in touch with friends online is a given. We don't give it a second thought that Internet and social media are infinitely more ground breaking than Alexander Graham Bell's telephone. Every new technology has a trade off. The telephone brought us annoying telemarketers. Now e-mail and social media invite unwanted connections and malicious viruses. We can't freely post our phone numbers and e-mail addresses everywhere unless we're looking for trouble.
Here's how it works:
Sign up and immediately get a simple icon to embed into your emails, Blogs, Facebook, and Twitter.  Anyone from anywhere in the world can click on that icon and send you an email, a text on your cell phone, or voice mail via your personal toll-free number.

Your toll-free number takes calls from anyone in the U.S. and Canada and gives you access to your callers from anywhere in the world. Your number is not associated with your home, office or cell numbers.  When someone leaves a message, you can be notified via text, email, or phone. 

How you respond is your choice but if you call back, only your Genie Number is displayed.