Genie Extensions/PBX

Genie Extensions/PBX allows Professional Office subscribers to create additional full featured mailboxes at incredibly reduced rates.
  • Regular monthly fee for Main Genie mailbox (Professional Office only $29.95-$34.95)
  • $5.00/Mo. for each additional Genie mailbox
  • OPTIONAL - $5.00/month for Switchboard/Menu Box
Important: All billing for all Genie Extensions mailboxes goes through the original/main account including monthly service fees and calling time.

Create additional Genie mailboxes

-Go to
-Log in to your main billing account
-Click Settings
-Click Genie Extensions
-You will see your current mailboxes (See screen shot 1 below)
-Click "Add" to create a new extension mailbox

Note that you will receive a toll free number for each new mailbox. The last 4 digits of that toll free number act as the temporary passcode. So new extension 8005551234 the passcode will be 1234

-Mark the new mailbox radio button then click "Modify"
-You will now see the Customer Information screen for the new mailbox. Note the mailbox number in the upper right corner and the red link to click to return to the main billing account (screenshot 2)
-Enter/save information as needed including email address(es), follow me numbers, change the passcode, etc.
-Return to main billing account
-Repeat the above steps until all new mailboxes are created

Record name and greeting on each new mailbox

1.    Dial the new toll free number 2.    Press * at chimes 3.    Enter passcode 4.    Press # 5.    Follow new account prompts to record name, and get a local number, enter follow-me numbers, etc. You can skip the local number assigning and settings if you wish to do it online under Settings

Add extensions to the PBX Switchboard Menu

Click Genie PBX from the Settings menu (right above Genie Extensions)
You will see your Switchboard -Screenshot 3
Click Modify- Screenshot 4
Enter a Digit (this is what callers will press to reach someone) and choose the destination mailbox for that digit from the pull down box. If you want callers to Press 1, the Digit is 1

Record/re-record switchboard greeting

Dial the switchboard number
Press * at the chimes
Enter passcode (same as main billing box passcode) and press #
Follow prompts to record greeting. Be sure to tell callers what to enter to reach the party. For example

"Thank you for calling ABC Enterprises. For Sales press 1, for John Jones press 2....."

Screen Shot 1
Screen Shot 2

Screen Shot 3

Screen Shot 4

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