How to Create Your Genie Gateway

As a way to say Thank You for your friendship and loyalty, we would like to give current Genie Subscribers the Genie Gateway FREE of charge for as long as you maintain your Genie account.

The Genie Gateway is an interactive communications hub which combines the benefits of having a website fully integrated with your computers, phones, e-mail, text messaging, video services, document delivery, social media and, of course, with the Genie services you already know and love - giving you on-line presence like you never seen before! The Genie Gateway is perfect for businesses and individuals who want a fully rounded presence on the internet, without the cost and complexity of the build-it-yourself approach.

Genie Gateway brings you true multimedia web features in less than 5 minutes. Just answer a few questions and you are set up! You will be able to customize your Genie Gateway with your name or business name, your slogan or marketing phrase and three sets of key words for search engine optimization which, by the way, is included in your Genie Gateway at no additional cost.

To activate your Genie Gateway for existing subscribers:

1. Log in to your Genie account at using your Genie Number and passcode.

2. Genie Gateway should be the first thing you see, if it isn't, click Services, and then click the Genie Gateway Link

3. Enter your information in the fields. If you have a YouTube or other video site channel you can enter the channel's URL for a choice of videos

4. Once created you can return anytime to Genie Gateway via the above steps and add another Genie Gateway, and make changes to your existing Genie Gateway such as upload/change your .PDF documents and audio recordings or video url

If you are not currently a subscriber and would like only a Genie Gateway account, please sign up at 

Click HERE for a helpful How To presentation in PDF format for new GenieGateway customers