Online Communications Privacy

You can maintain your privacy without giving up your online communications!

If you have a blog or website, belong to social networks, or participate in online groups and discussion forums, you should have concerns about maintaining your privacy while remaining conveniently available and contacted.

AllCom Worldwide Messaging offers multiple solutions for receiving communications without putting out an email address, private phone numbers, or even your name, and prevent spam without the need for entering security codes.

Additionally, all of our products offer outgoing communications solutions like group text messaging, voice and document announcements to those who Opt-In to receive your updates....great for newsletters, promotional offers, tips and tricks, schedules, and brochures. 

Best of all, our starting price is FREE!

The Genie Messenger from AllCom, is the absolutely UNIQUE web/email icon that links people to you, free of charge from ANYWHERE in the world!
  • One-Click way for anyone in the online world to reach you
  • NEVER give up your privacy!
  • Works in email messages, websites and social networks with equal ease
  • Ideal for anyone who communicates online
    • doing business
    • pursuing hobbies
    • social activity
    • ANY activity!
Choose From Two Service Plans:
The Genie Messenger Lite

Genie Messenger Lite

Web-based Text Message and Email Alerts TO you FROM anywhere in the world, completely FREE!

The Genie Messenger Premium

Genie Messenger Premium 
Your Get the Genie Messenger Plus:
  • A unique toll-free telephone number, good anywhere in the US and Canada.
  • Reply to messages by phone with complete privacy. 
  • Send and Receive VOX Messages (Voice SMS)

Your contacts simply click the Messenger icon, enter their contact information and message, and you receive a text message and an email without giving out your cell number or email address. Your email address and cell phone number/provider can be easily changed anytime, without interrupting your communications.

Genie Messenger Premium offers a unique toll- free number that can receive voicemail messages and allows you to return calls without revealing your private number through caller-id and without paying for blocking service.

The Genie Gateway is AllCom’s most forward-looking integrated unified communications service to date. Combining email, voice, text messaging, video services, and document delivery, the Genie Gateway is aimed squarely at businesses and individuals who want a fully rounded presence on the internet without the cost and complexity of the build-it-yourself approach.

Genie Gateway is an interactive communications hub featuring an integrated suite of business solutions, combining the benefits of having a website, fully integrated with your computers, phones, text messaging, videos, documents, and your own Virtual Office, as one seamless service.

Genie Gateway is introduced at a disruptive price point of $9.95 per month, with a $1 trial period for the first month. 

Get in touch and stay in touch without risk with Genie Messenger or The Genie Gateway!

Calling time charges do apply to some live phone features. Direct dial of your toll free number, follow-me call transfers, call connect, conferencing and placing calls are .04/minute