Genie CashBox: Paying With a Check

“The check is in the mail" you’ve probably heard it and said it. Unfortunately, in this world where shopping online is a part of everyday life, and buying from a merchant across the world is just as common as buying from a merchant across the street, “The check is in the mail” doesn’t work. Genie has solved this problem with “The Check Is in the Bank”; the new way to shop online globally, but pay by check locally, without sharing your financial information with anyone.

Genie Gateway lets you shop online, using most shopping carts, with the usual online experience, but with the extra feature that when checking out you can pay by check. When using the pay by check option you are always safe and secure because you never share your financial information with anyone, unlike using electronic checks which require you to give access to your bank account and personal information.

When choosing to pay by check, Genie creates a special deposit ticket for the amount of your specific purchase, which you then deposit with your check at any of over twenty thousand branches of participating banks.

Just click on the Check button and….

  1. Enter the dollar amount you wish to send or deposit into your CashBox.
  2. Select one of our participating financial institutions from the drop down menu.
  3. Print a DEPOSIT TICKET.
  4. Take the check and the deposit ticket to the participating bank you selected. It’s just like making a bank deposit. They’ll take the check and your transaction will be posted the same business day.

Here are three details you should know:
  • It is important to use the printed deposit ticket as it contains the tracking information for your transaction.
  • Check payments will be posted on the same day you make the deposit and the funds will be available when the check has cleared. You will be notified via email when your deposit has been credited.
  • The selling Genie Member will be notified that they have a payment pending but will not ship the items you purchased until your check has cleared.

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