AllCom Files Patent for the Genie CashBox

AllCom Files Patent for the Genie CashBox, Its Most Innovative Financial and Communications Service to Date

Patent application describes Genie CashBox as “a robust eWallet with debit card and checking account features, which operates as one unified solution … on a single platform in a single cloud.”

AllCom announced today that it has filed a patent for its most innovative financial and communications service to date. The Genie CashBox combines financial management, telephone, and electronic commerce with the internet into a seamless service, providing cutting edge capabilities to consumers, merchants, agents and more.

“The Genie CashBox brings an entirely new vision to how financial services will operate in the future”, said Thomas E. Skala, AllCom’s CEO, “The traditional checking account is vanishing, but the need for its successor is only growing stronger. The Genie CashBox, with its Genie CheckWriter may very well be that successor, and in many cases, the solution to the large group of unbanked consumers and businesses.”

Skala continues, “Imagine having checkbook that ties straight into the internet, letting you literally e-mail a check to anyone – including yourself – with absolutely no risk of overdraft, forgery, or any of the other risks of an old-style checking account.”

“Every day, people fall victim to con-men, who trick them into giving up account information, and then drain their checking account of every hard earned dollar they have,” AllCom CTO Stuart Scamman lamented. “With the Genie CashBox that simply can’t happen. There’s simply no path for anyone to ‘grab’ money out of your Genie CashBox – even if the bad guys copy every piece of information from the onetime - single purpose GenieCheck.”

Randall Skala, AllCom’s Vice President and COO explains further, “The Genie CashBox gives you most of the benefits of a traditional checking account – and MORE – without the usual cost. Deposit checks or cash, accept payments, get your paycheck by direct deposit, write checks, EMAIL checks, use your full-featured debit card, etc. And you never need fear an overdraft, a bounced check, a rogue ‘draft’, or any other threat to your money.”

“The Genie CashBox will be offered in three feature sets,” continued Randall Skala, “the Genie CashBox Lite for entry level consumers; the Genie CashBox Premium, which adds advanced telephone and messaging services combined with debit card and checking account features for consumers who need the traditional functionality; and the Genie CashBox Gateway for merchants and agents, adding all the e-commerce features of AllCom’s previously patented Genie Gateway multimedia product. As some say, money talks but we speak that language.” GenieMessenger