Cash Codes

What is a CashCode?

The CashCode feature is AllCom’s extra layer of protection against fraud and identity theft when you make Online or Pay-by-Phone Payments. The CashCode feature lets buyers authorize transactions using a one-time, 6-digit code is good ONLY for that specific transaction. CashCodes expire as soon as buyers use them—and within 15 minutes if they don't use them.

Enhanced security and service

  • Transfer higher amounts of money—daily or weekly
  • Transfer Member-to-Member payments more securely
  • Bypass challenge questions to verify your identity
  • Combined with buyers NOT giving out any of their financial information to the seller provides buyers an additional layer of security

How does it work?

Once you've activated your Genie CashBox:
  1. Select and click on the “Get CashCode” button during the process of making a payment
  2. A 6-digit code will be sent to the buyer to their mobile phone as a text message and via email, or by phone
  3. Buyer reviews the CashCode, and the purchase amount, and if approved, clicks on the “Click to OK” link
  4. On approval the payment is processed in real-time and both the buyer and the seller are notified via text and email
CashCodes expire as soon as buyers use them — and within 15 minutes if they don't use them. You can always request another CashCode by pushing the button again.
*Patent pending - AllCom