AllCom Launches Genie Quick-Load for Un-Banked Merchants and Customers

AllCom Launches Genie Quick-Load for Un-Banked Merchants and Customers -          

Services innovator creates new way for merchants and buyers to do e-commerce, without banks

AllCom announced today the start of their new Genie Quick-Load service, an extension of the company’s ground-breaking Genie CashBox system.  Designed to allow businesses and consumers to engage in electronic transactions, even if neither party is in the traditional banking system. Genie Quick-Load dramatically shortens the time-to-engagement for both in person and online transactions.

“Genie Quick-Load is all about being the fastest and safest way to enable e-commerce,” said AllCom CEO Thomas Skala. “We’ve been conditioned in recent years to think of the web as the fastest way to do anything. But sometimes that’s not actually true.

“Theory is wonderful, but reality wins every time.  We did extensive testing in the real world, and found that a web sign-up simply wasn’t always fast enough for buyers to stay interested in completing a purchase, especially if they were in a brick-and-mortar store. So we went back to the drawing board, and rethought the process.  The result is Genie Quick-Load.”

CTO Stuart Scamman explained how Quick-Load works.  “Consumers anywhere can call an 800 number and set up a Genie CashBox in under 3 minutes, fund it and be ready to buy from a participating merchant.  A customer can literally do this while standing in line at a store waiting to make their purchase.  The consumer can use almost any form of payment, from cash to credit cards, and it doesn’t matter if the merchant even has a bank account.  They have a Genie CashBox.”

“With a Quick-Loaded Genie CashBox, the consumer tells the merchant his or her cell phone number, the merchant enters the cell number and amount into their own Genie CashBox interface,” AllCom President Randal Skala went on.  “Seconds later, the buyer gets a text message asking for approval.  With one click, the money is transferred from one CashBox to another, the customer takes their purchase. And the merchant has their payment.”

The Genie Quick-Load service is available now, for any merchant to deploy, whether banked or un-banked.

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