News You Can Use

AllCom released the “Activation Request” feature. This new feature will enable every CashBox holder to invite one or a thousand people to activate their CashBox, via email, with or without a credit card, directly under them, and participate as their down line.

This feature will also eliminate the middle step for those who do not have a credit card, to open a Checking account first, loading it, and then upgrading it to an MLM CashBox. Members can simply send an invitation via email and have the Activation Fee deducted from their CashBox automatically. Or, if they select the credit card option, the receiving contact can use their own credit card to activate their account.

And now for the good news, if you would like to send a hundred or more invitations simply provide us with an excel spreadsheet, with the name and email address and up line’ Genie Number, and we will send it out for you. It does not make a difference if your list has one hundred or ten thousand contacts.