Genie Gateway’s Text Messaging Service Helps Grow Your Business

For businesses, text messages can have a real impact on the bottom line. Say you’re a pizza or sandwich shop, and this is the slowest day of the week, every week. Do you send out postcards with an offer? Do you take out an ad? No, you send a text message saying—in under 100 words: Today’s special is two pizzas for the price of one, if picked up by 6 p.m. Call 555-555-5555.

You may be thinking that is a good idea, but are stopped in your marketing tracks when you see yourself typing in a huge bunch of phone numbers. No way. Genie Gateway helps you collect the contact information from your customers and prospects, with one click, using your Opt-In Button — and enter that information in your SendTEXT PhoneBook. The rest is as easy as a push of the send button in your SendTEXT PhoneBook.

You can automatically build the database of your customers online when they visit your Genie Gateway, or by adding an Opt-In Button to your existing website, at your store, or at the reception desk—whenever your customers call or visit your business. And then you can alert them to your special offers in just a few minutes, with one click.

Creating a Sense of Urgency—Being “Top of Mind”

Text messaging can be used to grow your business or promote your products and services. Here are ideas in addition to the above 2-for-1 food specials:

  • Hotels can announce “specials” to travel agencies—or even customers.
  • Long-distance trucking companies can notify customers either that they are swamped, and customers need to be patient—or that they have trucks and drives at the ready to move their items.
  • Service stations can offer perks if they have an oil change, they’ll throw in new wipers at special price.
  • Doctor’s office can promote a service like flu shots, suggesting they call the office number and make an appointment on their less-busy days—or simply hit REPLY.
  • Churches can promote special events during the week or Sunday.
  • Plumbers can offer a special, maybe regular fee for one service, but a reduced price for a second.
  • Police or fire departments in small communities could issue advisories to their residents.

Get the idea? And, these announcements go only to people who have opted-in, saying that are interested in hearing your announcements. No complaints, if they change their mind, they can always opt-out at any time.

You can use it to test new business ideas, sending out a question and then gauging the idea’s value by the responses. Text your question, go to lunch, and when you return, you will have heard from hundreds of people.

The obvious benefits of Genie Gateway—the business solution—are many, and solve problems that affect small businesses. Additionally, Genie Gateway:

  • Is easy on the budget–SendTEXT is included in your Genie Gateway at no charge to you or those receiving party.
  • Simple to use, with all complications removed, no cell phone is needed to use the SendTEXT feature.
  • Quick way to build your business.
  • Establishes good will by the offers.
  • Brings business in on slow days.
  • Keeps your privacy, send your text without giving out your cell number.
  • Builds your database for future messaging.
  • Adds value to your business, the more people you reach.
  • Prevents you from spamming your customers as you only send messages to those who opted-in.
  • Allows message to be sent from and received on any Internet-enabled device: smartphone, laptop, electronic readers, and computer.

Solutions in One Click—ONLY $9.95 a month

Genie Gateway’s text messaging is extremely affordable, actually, it’s FREE as part of the single-platform, the genie Gateway. It’s ideal for people who for various reasons don’t normally “text.”

Genie Gateway’s product also includes a virtual assistant and 12 other features like email, voice and audio message. Thomas E. Skala, AllCom CEO says, “In addition, our subscribers also receive the benefit of online multimedia web presence, even if they don’t have a website. And our search engine optimization efforts mean people can use various search engines to find you. And this all is at no added cost.

One click, one button, one platform—one idea: Connecting with people who WANT to hear from you. 

Activation Instructions

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