Genie Gateway—Unlimited Faxes in U.S and Worldwide at No Extra Charge

For many industries, having a reliable way to receive faxes is essential.  Mortgage companies receive dozens of pages for each new applicant. They depend on faxes to pass vital information back and forth to expedite the process in a timely manner.

The travel industry uses faxes to confirm reservations for hotels, cars, tickets and special events. They book both U.S. and international travel.  This gets expensive.

Genie Gateway is a one-stop business solution that provides faxes as part of their single-platform product.  This most helpful tool also includes video and audio, texting and email ways to communicate with clients, prospects, and more.

Thomas E. Skala, AllCom CEO says, “Genie Gateway gives our subscribers all kinds of benefits, including online multimedia web presence, even if they don’t have a website. And their Genie Gateway can be found easily online by using Google, Yahoo, Bing and most other search engines because of our search engine optimization of their name.  Best of all, all of this is at no extra charge—even on international calls.

The Genie Gateway fax saves you money and time, provides security and privacy.  In other words, it decreases overhead and increases revenue.  About now are you asking, “How do I get started?”

Compare to other electronic fax services, and you’ll quickly see the dollar benefits add up.  Before you take advantage of the low monthly fee for ALL these features, let’s review the benefits of a Genie Gateway fax.

Security and Privacy:  All faxes are delivered as a PDF document attached to an email right to your desktop or laptop computer and smartphone.  This increases security and privacy compared to standing by the company-wide fax—waiting.  Now hoping that your customer sent you their fax and it reached the fax machine with your valuable papers before someone else does is old news.  This = Efficiency.

Quality and Color:  Color is always better than black and white as limited by traditional fax machines. Your customers send you a beautiful four-color picture, then you will receive it in full color. 

Saving Money:  The fax service is free as part of the Genie Gateway suite of services.  This means you save in two ways:  Major: 1) NO fax-designated phone line is needed, 2) NO big fee for large documents* sent or received (typical of a mortgage company, law firms, and real estate companies), and 3) NO page limits per month.  Minor: NO on-going expenses for cartridges and paper or worry you’ll run out of supplies during a important fax transmission.

With Genie Gateway, everyone has his own fax machine. No more sharing, no more standing in line, waiting at company machine. 

It’s important enough to say again:  Genie Gateway’s fax service decreases overhead and increases revenue, adding a plus sign to the bottom line of saving money and time.

Activation Instructions

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* Genie Gateway can receive up to 100 pages

Patent pending – AllCom