Announcing the Unified Phone Number

AllCom Files Patents for the Unified Phone Number “UPN”, a Single Identifying Number to Establish Connection with Any Firm, Person, or Entity for Processing Secure Payments

The UPN technology can connect to multiple information systems simultaneously to provide almost any desired service, from telephony, banking and financial services, to retail purchasing, travel and entertainment

The UPN invention allows a subscriber to use their phone number as a single identifying number, to begin and complete a wide variety of communications and financial transactions, in real-time with complete security. UPN subscribers can conduct business with anyone in person, by phone, by email, over the internet using any web enabled device, or by any communications medium yet to be invented.

The UPN will be a major game changer in the transaction processing world, it’s like being able to conduct business in multiple parallel universes simultaneously”, said Thomas E. Skala, AllCom’s CEO. “The UPN is not a credit card and it’s not a debit card, it is a phone number that can facilitate secure peer-to-peer, real-time cash payments online. When using a UPN account on the telephone, online, or in a retail environment, the purchase is treated as a traditional cash purchase, but with the payment processed as an electronic credit”, continued Thomas Skala.

AllCom allows subscribers to make payments to and accept payments from third parties, online or by phone. Payments are processed electronically as peer-to-peer, cash transactions, and are not subject to traditional credit card merchant processing rules and regulations. AllCom is a Payment Service Provider and not a money services business (MSB), or a credit or debt collection agency”, continued Thomas Skala.

The UPN itself is a telephone number unified on our platform with applications, merchants and service providers, transacted by AllCom in the Genie Cloud” said Randall Skala, AllCom’s Vice President and COO.

After connecting the UPN to a given service, the UPN subscriber may initiate a transaction with that service provider.  Transactions can be used to purchase almost anything. With a telephony service, the transaction might be to place or receive telephone calls. With an entertainment service provider, it might be to purchase theatre tickets”, added Randall Skala.

UPN consumer accounts will be priced at $12 a year, and will include a Genie eCash Card with calling card features, an unique toll free number, voicemail, and a GenieMessenger Premium with free, unlimited inbound text messaging, from anywhere, worldwide” concluded Randall Skala.