CashBox Merchant Processing Services

We’re all about privacy and convenience.

AllCom introduces the CashBox and alternative merchant processing services. The CashBox is today’s best secure and private, payments and communications service. With the CashBox Subscribers can make and receive calls and cash payments, without ever revealing their personal telephone numbers or credit card information.

For ONLY $4.95 a month, we provide you with your own, personal toll free number, good anywhere in the US and Canada, your own virtual assistant, and your own Virtual CashBox, to make and receive payments by phone or online. You can try us out for sixty days for only $1.00 and if you load your CashBox at least twice a month, we will waive the $4.95 Monthly Fee.

With your personal toll free number, you no longer have to give out your home, cell or work numbers, but your calls can still follow you wherever you are. Genie, your virtual assistant, will screen your calls by answering for you and asking who’s calling, then reaches you at a number you have programmed, without revealing it to your caller, and either connects you or takes a message, as you request.

With Genie you can also receive unlimited text messages, from any web enabled device, free of charge from anywhere, worldwide and without ever revealing your cell phone number.

Your Genie Service includes your own virtual CashBox which you can use to send and receive payments, by phone or online, without giving out your credit card information to anyone. 

Here is how it works. To load your CashBox, you use the credit card you provided when you originally created your account. You can access or load your CashBox at any time. Just call your toll free number, as you would to retrieve messages, select CashBox services and follow the prompts.

To make a payment, call your toll free number, select CashBox Services and request a CashCode for the purchase amount. You will receive a six digit CashCode, good ONLY for that specific payment.

Then select the Send Payment option, enter the Seller’s Genie number, the CashCode and purchase amount. Before completing the purchase, you can confirm the information you entered, and if correct, send the payment.

To make a payment you can also call the Seller’s toll free number, press pound and follow the instructions or visit their Genie Gateway, click on the “Transfer” button.

Within seconds your payment will be transferred from your CashBox to the Seller’s CashBox. This payment will be treated strictly as a cash payment, and will not reflect on your credit card statement.

If you are not happy with your purchase, you will have to contact the Seller directly, just as if you paid cash.

Genie is offered on a month-to-month basis as one seamless service, for only $4.95 a month and there are no long term commitments. If you are over the age of 18, and have a valid credit card, you automatically qualify.

  • No credit check
  • No employment verification
  • And NO games


AllCom is searching for ISO’s and Resellers in need of a creative solution to deliver both online and phone processing for merchants. To learn more click on our link and listen to the three minute audio presentation.